Welcome to “Get to the Chakra”!  An award-winning, trademarked, personalized class, focusing predominantly on yoga, while also incorporating elements of music and Pilates, geared exclusively toward helping you unlock the powers you already possess. 

Whether you are a musician in need of some counterbalance, a family member of a musician in search of some calm, or perhaps any ol’ person for literally any reason at all who is in need of a tune-up… this class is for you!

We offer both 30 and 60 minute fully customizable classes to fit your needs and meet you where you are. 

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GET TO THE CHAKRA! Yoga with Sally! 

  • Certified Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with the Yoga Alliance since 2013
  • Founder of “Get To The Chakra”, a trademarked class since 2020
  • Certified Pilates – Mat Instructor through American Fitness Professionals & Associates since 2021




  • Private Yoga class: $30 (30 minutes), $50 (60 minutes)
  • Family or Multi-Class Discount: $25 (30 minutes), $45 (60 minutes)
  • Private Group Yoga class: $10 per person (30 minutes with 3 person minimum) – $15 per person (60 minutes with 3 person minimum)
  • Yoga Workshops: Call (941)200-2163 for scheduling and rates


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What is a Chakra? – “A vast system of energies within us that each correlate to a particular area of the body, interconnecting with the nervous and endocrine systems, and governing many of our emotions.  We have seven major Chakras ranging from the Root Chakra at the base of the spine, up to the Crown Chakra atop the head.  While it is lovely to think of our Chakra system as a perfectly balanced vortex of energies, flowing freely without any interference, the truth is, just like in our external lives, various Chakras themselves often become out of balance.  Whether over or under active, kinks in our natural flow of energy can contribute to all sorts of issues, such as physical symptoms (for example, Third Eye Chakra imbalances can manifest through headaches, sinus pressure and more).  They can also contribute to emotional symptoms as well, such as over-thinking, fear and anxiety. 

While there are many ways to correct a Chakra imbalance, one of the more popular methods is through practicing yoga, one of my favorites!  But did you know that music too can help us “Get to the Chakra”?  Yes, each specific Chakra operates on a frequency that responds to certain music notes and tones.  Root for example, responds to the C note, while Heart Chakra connects to F#.  Blending two of my greatest loves, yoga and music, I hope to offer you just a little bit of insight on ways you too can tap into the harmony that already resides within you.  But first, a little back story…

I used to be a mess.  And I suppose I still am from time to time.  I have suffered from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem as far back as I can remember.  I’ve always, always had a passion for music, and although I dreamed of one day being a Rockstar, fear and self-doubt seemed to sabotage me at every turn.  And I’ve gotta tell you… It’s pretty hard to take that first step forward toward Rockstardom when you’re too shy to play in front of another person.  So even though back then, I was still in my early 20’s, I felt the days ticking by faster and faster and my biggest fear in this life was that I would reach the end, and be haunted by the two scariest words I can think of… “What If”. 

Having said that, back in 2006, completely unrelated to my dreams and ambitions (or so I thought), I decided one day to try a yoga class.  Hopeful that I would triumph and get me one of those rockin’ yoga bods I had heard so much about, but convinced I would fail miserably, embarrass myself and be shunned from the world, I took that first reluctant and all-important step forward into my first class.  I had no idea at the time that that one fateful day would totally shift my perspective, unlocking over time, powers I never would have believed were nestled inside of me, as shimmering precious gemstones, allowing me the strength, confidence, and wisdom to write my own history in the making, on my own terms.  Without even knowing what a Chakra was just yet, I had already begun to unravel the mess that was within me, tapping into Solar Plexus Chakra’s powerful energies for example, through not only yoga but Pilates as well (which focuses primarily on the core).  Looking back now, the results were staggering…  I had the tools and the confidence to move forward. 

Let’s fast forward a little further, shall we?

As a certified Yoga Teacher, who began teaching in 2013, you could often find me earlier in the evening, leading a classroom full of people as we all moved gracefully together, breathing slowly and deliberately, each movement inching us closer and closer toward a well-earned sense of calm.  We would end each class fully immersed in stillness.  One with each other and with ourselves, we would exit class shrouded in bliss.  This is yoga.  This is music within the silence.

I would then shift gears looking a lot like Clark Kent morphing into Superman to any outsider, as it would be time to dominate another type of stage.  Ready to rile up a venue full of rock fans who were hungry to unleash every single bottled up emotion, the pressure ever mounting.  Whether harnessing this energy through powerful vocals, or guttural bass lines, I had a job to do, and just like in my yoga class, I had to make sure each and every person sharing their energy with me was properly acknowledged, channeled, honored… their energy reciprocated tenfold… and the end result was always the same.  To leave the show with our bodies and brains buzzing with zen.  This is music. This is yoga in motion. 

As a musician with vast touring experience, having performed night after night with a pretty rigorous and high energy stage show, as well as being the co-owner of The Rock Box Music School & Stage in North Port, FL, where we oversee hundreds of music lessons per week, I have often been asked over the years “what my secret is”.  How do I keep my body safe?  Or how do I maintain my sanity, for that matter?  The answer is pretty straight forward… it’s balance.  Sounds pretty cliché’, I know, but I found my own balance through combining two seemingly polar opposite ends of the spectrum… yoga and music, music and yoga. 

Ever since we first opened The Rock Box, it has been a dream of mine to offer private and fully customized yoga classes geared toward Musicians.  This was the original intention behind my trademarked class, appropriately titled “Get to the Chakra”.  And while combining two of my greatest loves indeed remains at the fulcrum of what I offer, just like music or yoga itself, my class is for everyone.  You don’t need to be a singer to learn how to harness the power of the diaphragm.    Years of repetitive motions that caused neck or wrist issues, sciatica, or bone spurs, may not be due to playing an instrument or headbanging all night long.  You may not be facing a literal stage to experience the crippling anxieties of stage fright.  After all, all the world’s a stage, right?  So, with that in mind, if you feel stuck, and anything I said resonates, I hope you’ll take that same crucial first step forward that I took all those years ago.  And perhaps it’ll be through the door of my studio, if I’m lucky.  I’ll save a mat for you!” 

– Excerpt from Sally’s article in Revive Magazine, 2021 



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